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Our Products


Coconut Peat

Our Coconut Peat is a premium organic gardening product that provides excellent growing conditions for a wide range of plants. Made from the fibrous material found between the hard shell and the outer husk of coconuts, this sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional peat moss offers numerous benefits for your garden.

Coconut Fiber - Coir

Coconut husk wire is a natural and sustainable material made from the fibrous outer layer of coconuts. It is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic wires, as it is biodegradable and does not contribute to environmental pollution. Despite its organic nature, coconut husk wire is surprisingly strong and durable.


Coconut Husk Chips

Coconut husk chips, a notable export from Sri Lanka, represent a versatile and sustainable natural resource with a range of applications. These chips are sourced from the husk of coconuts, carefully processed to create a valuable product that holds multiple benefits for various industries.

Our Vision

“To become the pioneer exporter of cocopeats & husks to all it needs.”


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A leading exporter of high-quality coconut peat worldwide.

With years of expertise in manufacturing coconut peat, fiber, husk chips, and associated products, we are committed to upholding industry best practices to deliver top-tier quality. Moreover, we enhance your buying experience by offering a tailored price range based on the quantity of your purchase.


Attractive Pricing Strategy

At our company, we believe in dynamic pricing that adapts to market trends. We offer the optimal price tailored to your requirements and order quantity. Simply leave your request in the contact section, and our marketing team will reach out via email. Seize the opportunity to reap the benefits firsthand.